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RAPV Committees

2020 Committees


Reviews issues of interest to affiliate members and works toward opening communication channels with REALTOR® and Affiliate members. Commitment: Meets 7-8 times a year.

Chairman: Michele Stegall
Staff Liaison: Contact


Conduct on-site building inspections internally and externally to identify on-going maintenance and improvements to existing facility semi-annually

Chairmen: Pat Nolan
Staff Liaison: Contact


Create comprehensive communications plan for RAPV, including objectives, audiences, vehicles, messages, schedules and evaluation/feedback mechanisms. This action should include evaluating all current print and online communication platforms/vehicles and reinventing as necessary.

Chairman: Cheryl Malandrinos and Sharyn Jones
Staff Liaison: Contact


Serves as the association's community liaison. Identifies areas of charitable need and provides community outreach by the membership and volunteer leadership within a defined grant policy.  Develops programs and events to raise funds in support of the RAPV Charitable Fund.  Encourages community service activity of all members.  Commitment: Meets 10-12 times a year.

Chairman: Jen Tetreault and Kristen Gravanis
Staff Liaison: Contact


Plans, develops, and promotes the annual Education Fair & Expo to include keynote speakers, professional develop classes, and expo.  Commitment: Meets 9-10 times a year. 

Chairmen: April West and Jared Sundberg
Staff Liaison: Contact


Oversees preparation of monthly reports and all financial matters relating to Association and Charitable and Education Fund operations.  Prepares the annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors.  It is helpful you have a financial background to serve on this committee.  Committee membership is by presidential appointment.  Commitment: Meets 7-8 times a year.

Chairman: Shawn Bowman
Staff Liaison: Contact


Educates members on advocacy and how it affects REALTORS® and homeownership.  Keeps abreast of legislative proposals affecting real estate on a national, state and local level.  Maintains relationships with legislators.  Plans and participates in MAR REALTOR® Day on the Beacon Hill.  Coordinates the Legislative Town Monitor program.  Conducts a RPAC campaign.  Defines the purpose and benefit of RPAC & NAR PAF involvement, and the NAR REALTOR® Party.  Oversees the candidate endorsement/recommendation program and the independent expenditure program.  Commitment:Participants are asked to attend the MAR Day on Beacon Hill and the Association's Legislative Breakfast.  Meets 7-8 times a year. 

Chairman: Peter Ruffini
Staff Liaison: Contact


Review complaints regarding ethics and arbitration issues and determines appropriate course of action.  Board of Director approval required to serve on this committee. Prerequisite: Requires attendance at full-day Professional Standards Procedural training. Commitment: Meets once a year, and then as needed (upon Association's receipt of an ethics complaint or arbitration request).

Chairman: Vincent "Vinny" Walsh and Susan Rheaume
Staff Liaison: Contact


RAPV members feel connected to the association and perceive value in the programs and services available to them for their dues investment.

Chairman: Kelly Bowman
Staff Liaison: Contact


Responsible for planning education opportunities relevant to REALTOR® personal and professional growth separate from the Education Fair & Expo.  Responsible for planning designation and certification courses, annual fall event, "If the REALTOR® had only known" series, top producer roundtable, sales rally, risk reduction, and topics relevant to the challenges in the current market.  Committee membership is by presidential appointment and Board of Directors approval.  Contact Laura Herring at 785-1328 or Email if you are interested. Commitment: Meets 8-10 times a year.  

Chairman: Kelly Bowman
Staff Liaison: Contact


This group serves as the pool from which Ethics and Arbitration hearing panels are formed.  Board of Director approval required to serve on this committee. Contact Ben Scranton at 785-1328 or Email if you are interested.  Prerequsite: requires a minimum of 1 year active service on the Grievance Committee and a full day of Professional Standards Procedural training. Commitment: Meets as needed.  Serves as a chairperson or panelist as needed. 

Chairman: Janise Fitzpatrick
Staff Liaison: Contact


Reviews applications, interviews and awards scholarships to children of members and association staff entering their freshman year of college.  Conducts fund-raising activities. Commitment: Meets 7-8 times a year.

Chairman: Shawn Bowman
Staff Liaison: Contact


Members create a strategic plan which is designed to direct the activities of the Association.  The Plan assumes close cooperation of Directors, committee chairs, committee members and staff.  It is reviewed and updated annually to ensure industry changes are integrated into the focus.  Meets 2-3 times a year.    ​ 

Chairman: Elias Acuna
Staff Liaison: Contact

Active participation in YPN helps new and young-at-heart real estate professionals (regardless of age) excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in three areas: the REALTOR ® Association and Real Estate Industry, Peer Networking, and Technology Outreach.  Plans the Lunch & Learn Tech sessions and accompanying social hour at locations across the Pioneer Valley.  The YPN assists the association in serving new and young professionals and provides networking opportunities.  Commitment: Participants are asked to secure sponsors for tech training and networking events.  Meets 7-8 times a year.  Open to REALTORS® only.

Chairman: Arlene Castellano
Staff Liaison: Contact