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Officers and Directors


Sue Drumm, President, 636-6945Contact
Elias Acuna, President Elect, 626-4097, Contact
Shawn Bowman, Treasurer, 695-2492, Contact


Cheryl Malandrinos, Secretary 575-5751  Contact
Kelly Page, Immediate Past President,  695-1448, Contact



Arlene Castellano, 426-4914  Contact

Peter Davies, 537-7190  Contact

Janise Fitzpatrick, 323-7295  Contact

Sara Gasparrini, 668-6774  Contact

Luci Giguere, 575-2837  Contact

Lori Grant, 834-0034  Contact

Sharyn Jones, 579-8376  Contact

Clinton Stone, 325-3753  Contact



RAPV members who serve of the Board of Directors to the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®.

Peter Davies 537-7193  Contact

Russell Sabadosa, 537-0973  Contact

Kelly Bowman 695-1448  Contact

Kevin Sears, 348-9631 Contact


A substitute is called to attend a MAR meeting when a state director is unable to attend.

Cheryl Malandrinos 575-5751 Contact

Elias Acuna  626-4097  Contact

Vincent Walsh, 575-4097  Contact