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Agents Divulge Their Strangest Questions from Buyers


Yes, a buyer really asked an agent if a body had been buried in the backyard, and if the car in the driveway came with the house.  For other jaw-dropping questions, read more here.


Seven Traits to Share With Your Clients


You both make emotional decisions, so harness everyone’s feelings to foster a better connection.  Read more.

Long appraisal times hurt VA borrowers


Long appraisal times can hurt VA borrowers. A REALTOR® shares w/Congress how to get more VA appraisers into the biz.

The Future of Real Estate


Technology is changing so quickly that it’s difficult to imagine what the world will look like in 15, 10, or even 5 years from now.  See what the folks at REAL Trends, a leader in market data and industry insights, have to say.  Read more.


Pioneer Valley Realtors® are engaged in their communities


The REALTOR® Association of Pioneer Valley (RAPV) has taken advantage of NAR’s Placemaking Grant and in the past 3 years was involved in 4 placemaking projects to help enhance their communities by creating new public spaces for residents.  When plans got underway for a new Promenade Park in Easthampton (MA), the association decided to pitch in.  “We heard about a sculpture project and thought this would be something to make a reality,” said Peter Davies, an RAPV Director.  In another project, REALTORS® helped to bring a symbol of change to a Springfield (MA) neighborhood with a  new community garden.  Read more.



People more Confident about the Economy


The share of households believing the economy is improving soared to its highest level since NAR launched its quarterly Housing Opportunity and Market Experience (HOME) survey last year.  Almost two-thirds of households say the economy is getting better, up from about half last quarter.

Economic Expansion


On March 1, 2017, the current economic expansion entered its 93rd month, making it the third longest in U.S. history. Before that, the title went to the 92 month long, 1982-1990 Morning-in-America recovery.  The longest was the 1991-2001 10-year Tech Boom recovery.  If this recovery makes it to April 18th, it will become the second longest, surpassing the 106 month 1961-1969 recovery.  Three of the longest six recoveries have occurred since 1990.

Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D